Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Avocado Smoothie

I love the Avocolada from Tropical Smoothie and I have made other forms of it.  I thought I would start sharing some of my smoothie recipes. (like no one else has ever done that)

Avocado Smoothie

3 Celery Stalks
2 Carrots
4 Pineapple Rings
2 Clementine Oranges
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
1 Avocado

Juice the first four ingredients.  If you don't have a juicer, you really need one for smoothies.  I have a Hamilton Beach Juicer that was around fifty dollars and has served me well for two years.

Pour the juice into a blender then add the chia seeds and the avocado.  If you add the chia seeds to the bottom of the blender they turn to concrete and don't mix into your drink so add them after the juice.

Blend all ingredients to the consistency of your liking.  I don't add sweeteners, but you can if you like.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Insanity Workout For Fat 40 Year Old

Well it's that time of year again.  Everyone getting back in to shape and stopping all of their bad habits.  I to have fallen into this trap for the first time in 6 years.  I have no goal to lose any amount of weight.  I just want to finish the Insanity Workout from Shaun T.  Yes the guy of Hip-Hop Abs, I know but I needed to get into better shape without weights or any apparatuses.  He had the only thing I could find that I felt even remotely comfortable with.

I'm 40 years old and weigh 275 pounds.  That is the heaviest I have ever been and I need to start exercising.    If I was 6' 6 ' I would be okay, but I'm 6 foot even and I need to drop some pounds.  I am goinmg to chronicle my efforts, and my only goal is to get through this one time.  If I do Hopefully I will be able to stay on it and really get fit.  I haven't taken a before picture, so I will get my wife to do that tomorrow then I will post it.  I will also give my fit-test results so you can see if I am really making any progress.

I hope this helps someone.  I really do.  I tried to lose weight by eating less and by eating certain things, but I am a physical guy.  I need to move and Insanity will help me do that.  

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Weight Watcher Breakfast

I eat every two-to-three hours so breakfast takes from 7am to 10 am.  There are two parts to it which you can tell.  First for the 7am part I have a breakfast bar.  This is usually a Kashi or Fiber One bar of any type.  These two bars are about 2 point or less each so they are good starts to the day.  About nine or ten I have oatmeal normally but today had Fiber One Honey Clusters covered in a small tub of low-fat yogurt.  The total points were 2.1 and I was full when I got done.

These are just ideas for you to use, I am not a doctor and can't tell you how to eat.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Larry's Giant Subs for Lunch, On Weight Watchers?

Yes it's true, you can have an Animal toasted sub for lunch and not blow your points. Without cheese this sub is only 1 point per inch. So if your a big guy like me you can have a twelve inch and only spend 12 points. Get it on Wheat and it wll be lower but I don't know the fiber count so I can't tell you how much.

For Supper today I had a Gorton's Grilled Salmon which is only 2.4 points, black beans, rice, corn, and salsa rounded out the meal for a whopping 8 points.

My message is that you can do this. Get out there and find something that works for you. I have searched for a long time to find what I could do and actually lose weight. For me Weight Watchers seem to be it. For you there may be something else. I lost weight once eating only canned soup and turkey sandwiches. The problem with that is that it got old wuick but I lost 40 pounds over two months. I watch the points with Weight Watchers, but I also watch calories more and try to stay below 1600 cal in a day. You can do this, you can be healthy and not run out of breathe tying your shoes. You know what I mean.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Workout With A Trainer

I am not a heavy workout guy. I know I need to put on some muscle, but this guy was ridiculous. I can not straighten my right arm today. My tricep is so tight I can't move it. He did this deliberately , he said, so I would know what I was in for. I think he did it to prove that the old fat guy is a wuss, which I am and I admit it freely. What he did not know is the old fat guy used to work out religiously and knows how to do it on his own so he won't be paying the young smart trainer guy any money. HA!

Moral: Don't go try to kill yourself the first time you work out. Yes you should hurt but you need those arms and legs during the day to do your normal job. Gym rats don't have normal jobs or they have sponsors so they can hurt and still make a living. Get your body accustomed to training then you can start pouring it on. I'll put on ten pounds of muscle over the next three months. And I will be able to move when I am done.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weight Watchers And Going To The Gym

I started the weight watchers program with my husband and some other friends. I feel like it is a solid program to help me maintain my weight loss and possibly lose a few more pounds. It helps to have lots of friends who are also following the program. It keeps each other accountable.

Accountability is the biggest part of staying focused on a weight loss program. It is something I have not truly done before. I have to weigh in and keep track of everything I eat and record it.

I have started working out at a gym also. It helps stay focused on working out. When I have to actually leave the house to work out, it makes a big difference for me. If I don't go that is money down the drain. That is enough to make me motivated; plus it's easier to workout around groups of people than by myself.

I hope that I can keep up and never lose that focus to be healthy again.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's hard sometimes to stay focused

I am finding it really hard to stay focused on what my goal is for my health and fitness. Yesterday was a prime example of that. First and for most I did not exercise. I woke up feeling sluggish and used that as my excuse not to do what I knew I was suppose to. Then I got to work and found out that lunch was being catered in; so instead of sticking with what I planned on eating I ate the calorie packed food that made me feel miserable most of the day. It, didn't end there. I proceeded to go with my family to eat supper at Burger King. I refuse to look up how many calories are in an original chicken sandwich and french fries. I went to bed feeling tired and somewhat disappointed in myself.

Today has been somewhat better. I did manage to make myself do 30 minutes of low impact exercises. My eating has also been better today. Oatmeal for breakfast, salad and yogurt for lunch and a power bar for a snack. I am determined to do better tomorrow. It will be a new day with new goals. I must remember that I am doing this not only for me, but to be around for a long time for my children. Found my focus again.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

() Day Fit For Success Challenge Week 2 Start

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Wow, I did not realize how out of shape I really was until now. I have over the years tried to be really big on exercising and keeping active to stay in shape. Now I am on the 2nd day of our 12 week challenge and my muscles are aching. I now know what Shawn Phillips is talking about when he says there is a difference between exercise and training. Training seems to get those deep down muscles that I did not even remember I had.

I am still excited, even though I hurt. I know that this program is going to help me be the best physically and mentally that I can be. So I can endure a little pain and suffering. I am actually enjoying what I eat and the amounts that I eat. I have dropped my calorie intake to about 1100 calories a day. I feel satisfied with out being stuffed. I also do not feel hungry or have cravings during the middle of the day. And I look forward to working out every morning.

I am looking forward to what the next 12 weeks hold, especially since I lost 6 pounds during the six day rest period.
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Start of Week Two Success 90 Day Challenge

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The good news is I lost 6.2 pounds this week. The bad news is that my shoulder will not let me do many push-ups. I guess that is OK since push-ups only come into play during the 12 day rest and light weight are easier to use. I am a consistent person, when I find something that works I do it over and over. In week one i ate grits and two eggs every morning for breakfast. That is about 386 calories based on an 80 calorie egg. I averaged 1800 calories per day which is the reason for the fast loss. I hope to keep that amount of loss up for this program. That would be 72 pounds lost which seems absurd, especially with a vacation in the middle but I will settle for 40 pounds off after 12 weeks which is my goal.

If I lose 70 pounds in 12 weeks I will wish I had tried to do it on The Biggest Looser. But I got nothing on those people. I look good starting out compared to those guys. You can do anything you choose to do. Success is a choice, but don't kill yourself trying to succeed.

You can check out the weekly training schedule here The Weekly Training Schedule
Or Learn mor about the Challenge here Fit for Success: 90 Days to a New You

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Week One on the Fit For Success Challenge

Chopped VegetablesImage by Prato9x via Flickr

I started this blog with the idea that "Success Is A Choice." When I saw the Fit For Success Challenge in the last issue of Success Magazine I knew it was a good plan and it was something I could do. Shawn Phillips is the Brother of Body for Life author Bill Philips. The last time I did Body for Life I lost 40 pounds and felt better than I had ever felt in my life. The problem was that I did not know what to do when the 12 weeks were over so I burnt myself out working as hard as I could for over 8 months. What Shawn has done is take the Body for Life and put some down time into it to prepare for the next push. I know it sounds simple but I am not a fitness guru so I did not think those guys ever rested.

This first week has been a challenge but I know what my goals are so I have planned a strategy to succeed. I am learning to eat 5 small meals every day instead of three large ones. I am eating about 1500-1800 calories every day that is down from 2500-3500 every day. I am hungry but not in a extreme way I am eating a lot of food but it is more fruit, vegetables, and meat than bread, pasta, and rice. I have upped my water intake but before this week I drank 4-5 Coke Zero's everyday. So I have replaced Coke with water. No I have not stopped drinking caffeine I use water additives with caffeine in them so I cheat that way.

Take the time this week to think about how you can succeed. Whether it is spending time with your kids or beginning an exercise program succeed in your way.
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