Thursday, May 7, 2009

Steve's Update 5/7/09

It is hard doing something like this for the world to see and read about. My philosophy is that, "Success is a Choice." That is what weight loss or any success in life is based on. When I decided to lose weight the last four or five times I never really decided to do it. This time every time I look at food I say, "Success is a choice," and move on with my decision to eat it or not. If it is not goo I have been successful in not eating those things this week. I have eaten more apples and pickles this week than I have in the last five years.

So what is my success? It is seeing my kids grow up and not find dad dead in the floor or even see him clinching his chest from a heart attack. My success is being able to play soccer with my eight year old and football with my six year old. Success is getting up and taking them to the park every morning and being able to keep up for longer than five minutes. Every day vertical is a good day.

What is your success? We would like to hear from anyone about their success and struggles with weight loss or just getting healthy. We are normal people and I will post pictures at some point in time because you need to see them so you know we are real and not just doing this to draw attention to a product.

God Bless,


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