Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Workout With A Trainer

I am not a heavy workout guy. I know I need to put on some muscle, but this guy was ridiculous. I can not straighten my right arm today. My tricep is so tight I can't move it. He did this deliberately , he said, so I would know what I was in for. I think he did it to prove that the old fat guy is a wuss, which I am and I admit it freely. What he did not know is the old fat guy used to work out religiously and knows how to do it on his own so he won't be paying the young smart trainer guy any money. HA!

Moral: Don't go try to kill yourself the first time you work out. Yes you should hurt but you need those arms and legs during the day to do your normal job. Gym rats don't have normal jobs or they have sponsors so they can hurt and still make a living. Get your body accustomed to training then you can start pouring it on. I'll put on ten pounds of muscle over the next three months. And I will be able to move when I am done.

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