Monday, October 12, 2009

Larry's Giant Subs for Lunch, On Weight Watchers?

Yes it's true, you can have an Animal toasted sub for lunch and not blow your points. Without cheese this sub is only 1 point per inch. So if your a big guy like me you can have a twelve inch and only spend 12 points. Get it on Wheat and it wll be lower but I don't know the fiber count so I can't tell you how much.

For Supper today I had a Gorton's Grilled Salmon which is only 2.4 points, black beans, rice, corn, and salsa rounded out the meal for a whopping 8 points.

My message is that you can do this. Get out there and find something that works for you. I have searched for a long time to find what I could do and actually lose weight. For me Weight Watchers seem to be it. For you there may be something else. I lost weight once eating only canned soup and turkey sandwiches. The problem with that is that it got old wuick but I lost 40 pounds over two months. I watch the points with Weight Watchers, but I also watch calories more and try to stay below 1600 cal in a day. You can do this, you can be healthy and not run out of breathe tying your shoes. You know what I mean.
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