Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weight Watchers And Going To The Gym

I started the weight watchers program with my husband and some other friends. I feel like it is a solid program to help me maintain my weight loss and possibly lose a few more pounds. It helps to have lots of friends who are also following the program. It keeps each other accountable.

Accountability is the biggest part of staying focused on a weight loss program. It is something I have not truly done before. I have to weigh in and keep track of everything I eat and record it.

I have started working out at a gym also. It helps stay focused on working out. When I have to actually leave the house to work out, it makes a big difference for me. If I don't go that is money down the drain. That is enough to make me motivated; plus it's easier to workout around groups of people than by myself.

I hope that I can keep up and never lose that focus to be healthy again.
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